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Green Cuisine partners with The Nulla Project to offer Climate Wave Coffee Solution 8.1

Updated: Mar 17

Introducing our collaboration with The Nulla Project to minimize pollution and greenhouse gas emissions due to disposable single-use cups.

We are excited and grateful to be able to push our sustainability limits. We want to thank you, our customers, for being our motivation. As the first member cafe to serve Certified Climate Wave Coffee in Victoria, BC, Canada, we initially received 18 Climate Wave Cafe Score out of 24. Team Climate Wave recommended the Nulla Project when we asked for ways to improve. We have added one more climate point to our portfolio and will continue to push our limits.

We were shocked by the fact that each disposable paper coffee cups contribute to 110g of greenhouse gas emissions! Climate Wave Coffee Solution 8.1 is about discouraging disposable culture by offering incentives to dine in or encouraging BYOM culture to minimize pollution and greenhouse gas emissions due to single-use disposable cups.

Starting today, we will offer an option to choose zero waste even if you are not dining at our restaurant and roastery cafe. You can purchase reusable and refundable Nulla cups for a $5 deposit. Please note that the $5 is only a deposit. This means you can either return the Nulla cups later for a $5 refund or bring your used Nulla cup to exchange it for a fresh, cleaned, and sanitized Nulla cup using our industrial dishwasher whenever you buy a beverage from us.


About Author:

Green Cuisine is a restaurant and specialty coffee roastery cafe located in the heart of Victoria, BC, Canada. Our passion is to make a wide range of sustainable food and beverages easily accessible to our community since 1990.

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