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As coffee hobbyists and/or professionals, we are responsible for ensuring our industry's sustainability. This requires making socially and environmentally responsible decisions while crafting delicious coffee-tasting experiences. All our professional trainings and workshops will aim to reverse global warming with Climate Wave Coffee Solutions as a guide.

Energy Efficient Coffee Roasting at Home

Topics include:

  • Choosing the most sustainable coffee roasting machine for home

  • Choosing climate-friendly coffee to roast at home

  • Green coffee quality checking and sorting

  • Roast profile development

  • Zero-waste coffee storage techniques

Climate-friendly Home Barista Training

Topics include:

  • Choosing climate-friendly coffee from local coffee roasters

  • Learning to meditatively taste delicate flavours of coffee

  • Texturing and latte art with low-carbon milk alternatives using Nanofoamer and Stovetop Steamer

  • Paper-less brewing techniques to avoid deforestation

  • Advanced craftpersonship of espresso with manual espresso machines

Climate-friendly Professional Barista Training

Topics include:

  • Introduction to sustainability in global coffee value chain

  • Zero waste work flow training

  • Texturing and latte art with low carbon milk alternatives

  • Climate impact storytelling

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