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it all started with one simple question: whether coffee is climate-friendly or not?

Praveen Ponraj and Monica Pandian are the founders of Climate Wave Coffee. They both live an eco-conscious lifestyle. When they moved to Canada from India in 2016, Praveen was attracted to Victoria, BC's vibrant, cozy, community-oriented cafe culture. Since then his relationship with coffee has grown day after day. In 2018, a question started appearing in the couple's mind: whether coffee is climate-friendly or not. They both are that wild-kind who dig deep into their topic of interest to find answers from all perspectives. They began their journey to find the answer by meeting 100s of coffee people from baristas to roasters to farmers to equipment manufacturers to distributors. The five-year journey exposed various social and environmental injustices currently happening in the Global Coffee Value Chain as well as enabled them to figure out solutions to each one of those problems. In 2023, they crafted the framework called Climate Wave Coffee Solutions and founded Climate Wave Coffee to implement each one of those solutions. 


Coffee is our superpower. We are in the business of reducing a minimum of 300g of CO2e emission per cup of coffee consumed by the global population.

Climate Wave Coffee is a sustainable coffee consulting business specializing in research and analysis of the Global Coffee Value Chain to strategize and execute sustainable solutions. We aim to reverse global warming by transforming monoculture coffee farms into biodiversity-rich, climate-friendly coffee forests worldwide.


To achieve this vision, our Co-Founder and Conservation Photographer, Praveen Ponraj, developed a truly sustainable framework called Climate Wave Coffee Solutions, which highlights social and environmental injustices currently happening in the Global Coffee Value Chain along with practical solutions to each one of those problems. Through its integrated climate-action programs, Climate Wave Coffee collaborates by forming alliances with various stakeholders in the coffee value chain, including farmers, distributors, roasters, café owners, and consumers. Together, coffee lovers and coffee professionals lead the change! 

Join the movement to reverse global warming efficiently, one cup at a time. Below are the integrated climate-action programs that execute Climate Wave Coffee Solutions in real life situation.


Time ticking. Temperature rising.

Ice melting. Land sinking.

Climate changing. Forests clearing.

Soil dying. Wildlives vanishing.

Enough temporary fixing. Let’s admit it’s not working.

Root causes need addressing. To reverse global warming.

Nature knows self-healing. Stop deforesting.

We know it’s challenging. But our solutions are promising.

Coffee farms declining. Coffee forests multiplying.

Together, we reverse global warming. And enrich the lives of human beings.

Your conscious actions helping.

I thank you for leading.

with coffee & love,



Spotted and photographed by our founder and conservation photographer, Praveen Ponraj, in coffee forests. Climate Wave Certified Coffees come from forests similar to this that support people, animals, birds, and biodiversity while not polluting and deforesting them. The same forests reduce 300g of CO2E from our environment per cup of coffee and help humans continue to live on this beautiful planet by reversing global warming.

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