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Sustainable Coffee Passport is a web application that allows coffee enthusiasts to find standardized, easy-to-understand transparency details of different coffees, track emissions capture, share personal tasting notes of any coffee with fellow coffee enthusiasts worldwide and support coffee roasters' passion for the art of coffee crafting by purchasing their beans for home brewing.

Already activated? Click Access Now button below. If not go the next section to find out how to activate your passport.


1. The Sustainable Coffee Passport by Climate Wave Coffee is exclusively available for our site members. If you haven't signed up and logged in yet, please do so by clicking 'Log In,' which you will find in the menu section at the top of our website.

2. You will receive an email with subject: Activate Your Sustainable Coffee Passport with an activation link. Please click the link, type your full name, and click Activate.

3. We will create your account and send you a success email within a business day.

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