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Unleashing Our Superpower: Climate-Positive Coffee - Empowering Communities to Tackle Climate Anxiety

Let's work together as a community to capture 10 tonnes of greenhouse gases from our environment by the end of 2024. Is it possible? Absolutely! And here's how!

Or should we say: "our future is in your choice of coffee"?

While I don't own a commercial coffee roaster that can process thousands of kilograms of coffee beans per month, I do have one that can demonstrate the power of the community to inspire the global coffee value chain to transition from climate-negative to climate-positive coffees. Our artisan roasting lab is located in Victoria Downtown, and we use the space to research climate-positive coffees. Three out of four Canadians experience climate-anxiety and most of them feel powerless. The fact is, we have been hiding our superpower deep inside, its climate-positive coffee. Its the time to unveal. Climate-anxiety affects three out of four Canadians, leaving many of them feeling powerless. However, the truth is that we have a hidden superpower: climate-positive coffee. Now is the time to reveal it.

My little coffee roaster: Night Fury

I use a small, sustainable, induction-powered coffee roaster that can roast a maximum of 1 kg of coffee beans at a time. With this roaster, I can roast up to 100 kilograms of coffee per month. Since I exclusively use climate-positive coffees, this translates to approximately 20 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions captured per year. With the month already underway and time needed to ramp up, our achievable target is to use climate-positive coffee as a tool to capture 10 tonnes of greenhouse gases from our environment by the end of 2024.

My wife and I have decided to run this inclusive community project under our personal brand: That Sustainable Couple. We offer a variety of specialty-grade, exciting coffees for you to taste. Our focus is on showcasing the highest quality, artisanally processed, single-varietal climate-positive coffees produced by our farmer friends. All you have to do is buy roasted beans from us whenever you can. Each kilogram of coffee we roast will help capture approximately 17 kilograms of greenhouse gases from our environment. If you and your friends spread the word and support us by purchasing climate-positive coffees from our website, we can achieve our annual target. Together, we can reduce 10 tonnes of greenhouse gases from our environment by the end of 2024. Let's make it happen!

As a bonus, to make it fun and exciting, we have created a tracking mechanism to track your emission capture directly from your logged-in account.

Here is the link to take action on climate today:


About Author:

Praveen Ponraj is the founder of Climate Wave Coffee and the author of climate-action framework: Climate Wave Coffee Solutions. He is an aeronautical engineer turned coffee professional passionate about solving climate crisis.

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