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Time ticking. Temperature rising.

Ice melting. Land sinking.

Climate changing. Forests clearing.

Soil dying. Wildlives vanishing.

Enough temporary fixing. Let’s admit it’s not working.

Root causes need addressing. To reverse global warming.

Nature knows self-healing. Stop deforesting.

We know it’s challenging. But our solutions are promising.

Coffee farms declining. Coffee forests multiplying.

Together, we reverse global warming. And enrich the lives of human beings.

Your conscious actions helping.

I thank you for leading.

with coffee & love,


Spotted and photographed by our founder and conservation photographer, Praveen Ponraj, in coffee forests. Climate Wave Certified Coffees come from forests similar to this that support people, animals, birds, and biodiversity while not polluting and deforesting them. The same forests reduce 300g of CO2E from our environment per cup of coffee and help humans continue to live on this beautiful planet by reversing global warming.

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