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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Experience hosted by

Praveen Ponraj

Upto 2 hrs

Hosted in 



A lifetime is not enough to experience everything that coffee has to offer. We all hear about Arabica. But did you know Arabica is just one species among 100+ species of coffee plants? The species Arabica alone has more than 60 varietals (a.k.a sub-species), each providing a unique tasting experience. Additionally, the taste of each varietal can vary based on factors such as growing location, soil type, roast degree, and brewing technique. It's time to think beyond single-origin coffee and begin to experience various single-varietal specialty coffees.

If you're interested in exploring the diverse flavours and experiences each coffee variety offers, visit Green Cuisine Specialty Coffee Roastery and Cafe to meet coffee artist Praveen. There, you can embark on a three-course guided exploration of your own unique single-varietal specialty coffee experiences.

Your host, Praveen, will welcome you with a list of single-varietal coffees available for the day. All his coffees are roasted on-site, so if you are interested, Praveen will be happy to introduce his most sustainable coffee-roasting machine to you.

Choose a single-varietal coffee from the list, and it will be served as espresso, pour-over, and cortado, along with a food pairing.

Praveen will also provide you with a coffee taster's flavour wheel and guide you through the process of journaling your tasting experience using a digital coffee passport that he has developed (yes, he is a techie, too). This way, you can cherish the moment for years to come.

As a bonus, when you submit your tasting notes to the digital coffee passport, you will receive a 10% discount on his coffee for home brewing. This discount is valid for up to one week from the day the notes are published.


SCA's Flavour Wheel guide to borrow. 10% discount to buy roasted beans for home brewing.


I am a coffee artist who lives a minimalist, eco-conscious lifestyle on Vancouver Island. Inspired by nature, I consistently craft inconsistent coffee. I’m passionate about sourcing single-varietal specialty coffees from around the world and roasting them intuitively to highlight their contrasting characteristics. I'm also the author of an efficient climate action framework called Climate Wave Coffee Solution and the founder of Climate Wave Coffee, based in Victoria, BC.

Since 2019, I have worked directly with various coffee professionals, from farmers to roasters to baristas and identified solutions for a handful of unsustainable practices within the global coffee industry. The practical application of those sustainable solutions is Climate Wave Coffee. I host coffee events to meet people and share my stories.


This guided coffee-tasting experience will happen at one of Victoria's oldest restaurants, Green Cuisine, located at the courtyard level of the historic Market Square.

Green Cuisine has been serving delicious healthy food for the community since 1990. The restaurant boasts charming brick walls and artistic 30-year-old murals.



Guests aged 18 and up can attend


Smart phone or laptop to access digital coffee passport


Coffee People Connect is a series of interactive coffee events focused on climate action, hosted by various coffee professionals in British Columbia. The events aim to share knowledge about the art of sustainable coffee-making, inspire climate action, and foster connections among coffee people.

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