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  • An FSSAI certified quiet place for a meditative tasting experience

  • It's a Slow Coffee House: we thoroughly enjoy each and every process of crafting food and coffee: so we take time, while waiting for the deliciousness, please make yourself home and enjoy the music, read books, work, create or talk with our barista!

  • Relaxed & traditional floor seating: 5 to 6 people can comfortably sit

  • Semi-outdoor seating: 3 people can comfortably sit

  • Non-AC yet a cooler place with indoor plants and an air cooler.

  • Located in a heritage-rich residential area

  • House gate with a minimalistic 'Climate Wave' board will welcome you, Coffee House seating on the first floor: where a friendly barista will welcome you with a smile :) 

  • Single-use plastic-free: our team is very strict with this! 

  • Non-smoking

  • Not child-friendly - young adults 12 years and above are welcome

  • Not wheelchair accessible

  • Easily accessible by walk, bicycle, motorbike, and auto-rickshaw.

  • Car parking is not available on-site

  • Cab drop-offs a few walkable distances away on the main road

  • Free wifi available

  • You can read our books for free


We are located on the first floor of this location. Easily accessible by walk, bicycle, motorbike and auto-rickshaw: Our Location

If you are driving a car or taking a cab, it is easier to find parking space nearby this church. 

CSI All Saints Church


You can rely on Google Maps for our open hours. We almost update every day! Click to check out. 

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