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Climate Wave is not a traditional business but a movement. 


Because climate justice is not possible without social justice

Farmworkers are treated with love and respect

We pay for quality not for quantity

We say no to unfair market pricing model


Because art creates the mind space to care for others and the planet

Selectively-handpicked perfectly ripe coffee fruit

Mindfully sorted and graded by hand

Meditatively roasted by artisans in nano batches


Because nature-based is the most effective solution for the climate crisis

Coffee plants grown under the shades of native trees

Native trees provide food & shelter to birds & animals

We reinvest 5% of total revenue to grow native trees


Because without fresh water no life will exist in this beautiful planet

We say to to water-intensive washed process coffee

We use low- or zero- water pulping methods

We reinvest 5% of total revenue to conserve water

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