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We cannot get away with unsustainable activities while performing business operations in this generation. There are many potential ways a business can pollute, and the usage of disposable plastic is just one of them.

We decided to simplify how we pollute and zero down to only one! We chose to eliminate plastic pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and all that we can think of from our business operations. But to live with carbon emission - which we believe can be easily compensated by growing more native forests. 

We launched the Climate Points Program to compensate for the carbon emissions from our business operations. So, shortly, we can be genuinely sustainable. 


It is a collaborative effort between you and us. Because alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much! 

Option 1: when you buy directly from our website, we donate 5% of the total to grow native trees. Example: Your order total is 100 + GST + Shipping, and we use the 5 rupees to grow native trees. 

Option 2: our roasted coffee beans are shipped using reusable and recyclable plastic bags. Each bag is assigned with bag IDs for tracking. As soon as you receive ten bags from us, we will arrange a free pickup from your place. The same applies to our cold brew coffee bottles too! For every bag or bottle, you send we donate 5 rupees to grow native trees. Example: You bought ten bags of roasted coffee and ten bottles of cold brew coffee from us over a few weeks. We will reach out to you and arrange a free pickup from your place. As soon as we receive those bottles and bags, we will donate 100 rupees to grow native trees. Sustainability is made simple. 

Option 3: last but not least! We often organize creative fundraising events. Example: Dine-in on World Environment Day - 100% profit goes toward your Climate Points! You simply participate in such events to lead the change! Do follow us on Instagram, that's where we make such announcements. 


Planting a tree sapling is easy. But nurturing them into grown-up trees is tough and we understand that. This is why we have partnered with the most amazing non-profit organization that produces results. Can you believe it?! They stand top at a whooping high 90% tree sapling survival rate. 

We are talking about Sadhana Forest, the organization that takes a holistic approach to water conservation and reforestation. And their approach works! Check out their website or go on a tree forests tour with them to witness how they transform deserted land into native tree forests!

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