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community inclusive emissions capture strategy

Help us achieve this year's goal of capturing 10 tonnes of greenhouse gases from our environment by buying freshly roasted specialty coffee from us. Our zero-waste roastery studio is located in Downtown Victoria and we use the most sustainable electric coffee roasting machine powered by 100% renewable energy.

All the coffee we sell is Certified Climate Wave Coffee, going beyond organic and fair trade. This means that our specialty coffee comes from biodiverse forest environments rather than monoculture coffee farms, and all our coffee is shade-grown by default. Our coffee farmers, who are paid fairly, prioritize the well-being of the indigenous people, farm workers, soil, birds, animals, and forests. Hence, they strictly do not use toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides. Our commitment to wildlife, nature, and biodiversity conservation is the driving force behind our work.

Additionally, our coffee production methods help preserve water and reduce pollution, which is a common issue in the coffee industry worldwide. Did you know that, if we fail to preserve, each cup of coffee pollutes more than 100 liters of water, and we consume 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day? By operating at the intersection of social justice and environmental justice, our coffees have a positive impact on climate change. Each cup of our coffee helps capture 300 grams of greenhouse gases from the environment. It's important to note that this is not achieved through carbon offset purchases, but through the natural process of coffee farming itself.

2023 Target



Total kilograms of greenhouse gases captured

2024 Target

10 tonnes of ghg


Kilograms of greenhouse gases captured till date

Date last updated

Feb 24th, 2024

Percent of greenhouse gases we helped capture so far to meet our 2024 target

0.5 %

89 %

Percent of time available in 2024 to meet our target

Every full batch order of climate-positive coffee helps capture


Kilograms of greenhouse gases approximately

We need your help. We can do this, together as a community!


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